What is 'thegarmsdon'?

thegarmsdon is my company in which I created in 2019, I was hearing from a lot of different members of the public that the prices of clothes has skyrocketed in recent years, with designer brands being 'extortionately priced'. This made me begin researching for solutions resulting in the forever growing brand I own today.

Why am I different to other re-sellers?

With suppliers globally I sell only authentic pieces consisting of previous season, current season and even non UK pieces. My prices are and always will be under RRP to ensure you get an amazing deal compared to retail prices.

Why shop with me?

We offer FREE UK shipping as well as Worldwide shipping to ensure everyone is accounted for.

We offer amazing customer service, you will be speaking to me directly to avoid confusion and problems with call centers etc.

We ensure that you have the best experience possible from the moment you visit our site to the moment your order arrives.